The Remit Processing Team recognizes that in a fast-paced industry where efficiencies are paramount, personalized service and human interaction can get left behind. At RPS, we operate with the directive of being large enough to handle heavy client volume while remaining small enough to cater to our clients’ individual payment processing needs. As a “boutique” lockbox provider, our customized service offers direct client access to our management team and staff. We seek to develop and grow personal relationships with each client. The service we render at RPS is our highest priority.

“Whether you have a high volume of retail remittances or a lower volume of wholesale payments, our services are customized to fit your exact needs. Remittance Processing Services combines state-of-the-art technology and a custom-built online document management system to offer comprehensive solutions for our clients. There is no client too large or too small for us.”

Meet the Leadership Team

Edward Chan, Founder

Edward Chan founded Alliance Payment Solutions in 2003 with the goal in mind of meeting the growing demand for third party payment processors. Previously, as the Vice President of a financial software firm, Chan had gained years of experience in sales, marketing and business development.

In April 2014, Edward lost a valiant battle to cancer, yet his professional and business legacy carries on. Already integrated within the company, Edward’s wife Molly stepped in as President and Alliance continues to thrive and grow, setting new goals every day to increase sales and offer new services.

Edward Chan was a beloved husband and father. His memory lives on with great fondness in the hearts of many. He is dearly missed.

Molly Chan, President/Owner

As the President and Chief Executive Officer, Molly Chan sets the standard at Alliance. Molly is a great visionary who sees the trends of the future often before they come to fruition. Molly is responsible for keeping Alliance on the cutting edge of technology, service and innovation, while persistently promoting Alliance to be a leader in the lockbox industry.

Molly’s core values of excellence, trust and integrity set the corporate culture of Alliance which permeates throughout the organization. Molly has been a part of Alliance from its early beginnings as a budding idea. Throughout Alliances’ creation and growth Molly mainly took part in an advisory roll before inheriting the Chief Executive position in 2014, after the passing of her husband Edward. Molly has grown the company since embracing the leadership role with a focus on delivering an outstanding remittance processing product with loyalty to clients and the Alliance team.

Molly concurrently owns a second business and previously practiced law as a litigator.

Her mantra is “Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion.”

Travis Sybrowsky, Vice President

As the Vice President, Travis Sybrowsky leads with a focus on client relations, business development and compliance. Travis recognizes the Alliance client as its most important asset. The Alliance product is its service to the client and therefore is given the highest priority. Travis seeks for consistency in output which is driven by controlled systems that are created, measured and adjusted to meet the client’s specialized requests. Travis routinely corresponds with clients and prospects by phone, email or in person to strengthen relationships, address questions or concerns, and discuss innovative ideas that will enhance the client’s lockbox experience.

Travis joined the team in 2014 bringing to Alliance over 20 years of experience in banking, entrepreneurship and real estate.

His mantra is“Dream and Believe, Work and Receive, Be Grateful and Impart.”

Mark Bailey, Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Mark is responsible for day to day operations at the Indianapolis Lockbox. Mark is focused on providing our clients with the best possible product in the most timely fashion possible.  Mark is very involved in dealing with Client onboarding, requirement changes and daily product delivery. Mark leads a very dedicated and seasoned staff with the goal of meeting client expectations in ALL areas!

Mark joined the APS/RPS team in 2007, bringing over 30 years experience in Banking operations and Lockbox.

His mantra is “In all situations, the right thing to do is the right thing; so let’s do it!”

Tracye Calhoun, Client Advocate

Tracye has been with RPS for 21 years; holding various positions. In her current role as client Advocate, Tracye is entirely focused on client satisfaction. With her experience in all areas of processing for RPS, Tracye is the perfect fit for the role of Client Advocate. She has an incredible amount of insight into how the product works and her attention to detail enables her to act very quickly in the client’s best interest.

Her mantra is “I love what I do. What most companies see as a challenge is what we excel in.”

Greg Gibson, Workflow Manager

As the Workflow Manager, Greg is tasked with maintaining a smooth/timely flow of payments in the Indianapolis Lockbox office. Greg is also responsible for document retention and security.

Greg joined the APS/RPS team in 2013, bring over 25 years of experience in Banking Operations and Lockbox.

His mantra is “Work Smart, Live Well…Stay Balanced

The RPS team excels at fully understanding all project requirements.  We will customize the best possible solutions for you.   Plain and simple, you do what you do best and let Remittance Processing Services do what we do best!



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