Simplify Your Fundraising Process

Alliance Payment Solutions will help with your next fundraising campaign from start to finish. Yes, we will simplify your fundraiser process. By allowing Alliance to do what we do best, you can focus on your mission and daily responsibilities while we manage your campaign and process the donations. Our services include the actual mailing, payment collection and back-end reports.

How will you benefit? No matter what payment types are handled, our automated retail lockbox system will reduce postal delays and overall remittance processing time. Electronic options are also available, including ACH direct and ARC payments.

Highlights of Campaign Assistance Available

Your campaign has outgoing and incoming phases. We can focus on the entire project, or just a segment. Tell us where you need the most help and we’ll be there. Our goal is to remove all headaches associated with fundraising so you can focus on your mission.

  • Identify Target Audience (using your mailing list or we can supply)
  • Document / Mailer Design
  • Print / Fold / Stuff / Mail Campaign
  • Process paper checks with image-based lockbox system
  • Accept credit cards via the internet (with surcharge fee)
  • Accept ACH payments for faster receipt of funds
  • Generate donation statistical reports
  • Generate thank you letters and tax deduction details

Let’s start working on your campaign today!
Register online and Alliance will waive all setup costs – a savings of over $2,000 upfront.
If you would rather discuss this by phone, call 517.336.5833.

Outgoing Phase / Prepare Campaign Mailer:

We must first determine who we’re trying to reach. We will use lists you have in-house or rent lists that fit your criteria. Once the target market is identified, we will help you create an effective mailer – one that gets opened and people respond. When the mailer design is approved, we will print, fold, stuff and mail your materials.

Incoming Phase / Collect & Process Donations:

Alliance uses state-of-the-art lockbox software to process your incoming mail. All donations are imaged and archived for online access. Any correspondence is also imaged and supplied to you for review. At this time we will update the mailing list as required for future campaigns.

When donors respond, they have many payment methods from which to choose. A powerful tool is our ability to process credit cards mailed in or via the web. Our secure web servers allow us to add a link between your website and ours so credit cards can be processed online.

At the end of each day, you will receive an electronic posting file formatted to your specifications. You can then update your records for all payment types received. We will also generate statistical reports so you can track your progress. To complete the process, we will create and mail a thank you / tax deduction letter on your behalf.

Alliance Payment Solutions has skillfully mastered the art of payment processing. Creating a customized remittance system for your fundraiser will grant you the freedom of focusing your energy and efforts on what really matters – your mission.

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