Remittance Processing Services of Indianapolis and Alliance Payment Solutions of Okemos and Detroit provide extensive payment processing services to clients throughout the United States. In addition to serving the needs of our direct clients, we provide services for our peers and partners in the industry.

In light of the sensitive nature of our business, it is vital that we safeguard against any data disturbance that could potentially compromise our system and the clients that we serve. RPS understands, firsthand, that disasters are inevitable.  Having a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy to protect critical information and be able to recover it quickly and efficiently is imperative.

Disaster Recovery Services and Solutions ~

Protecting against disasters is a matter of standard operating procedure for Remittance Processing Services. We live it.  We know it.  Capitalizing on our expertise and dedicated team of professionals is a sound investment.  Our various physical locations afford you an ultra-secure offsite location to confidentially send and retrieve critical information with minimal downtime.  Additionally, we provide a compliant-friendly environment beneficial for those regulated by federal and/or government entities.

Whether you are looking for

  • an ultra-safe, regulatory-compliant offsite location for you to service your work,
  • a reliable partner to do it for you,
  • or simply compare our pricing to the existing service you currently have,
  • RPS is a proven, trustworthy Disaster Recovery Solution for you.

There is much truth and wisdom in the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Disasters happen – it is not a matter of ‘if’ but rather a matter of ‘when’ a disaster happens to you.  Be prepared.

Partner with Alliance Payment Solutions and benefit from our competitive products. We will do the work and you will get the credit.

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