We believe that companies are defined by their culture, values, and actions. At Remittance Processing Services, we have defined ourselves as a company committed to our customers, associates, products, and values. The culture we have created is evident in all that we do every day.

Core Values

Each and every client is important to us. The relationship with our clients is our most significant asset. As such, RPS is committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of client service, the highest quality client experience, and the ultimate in accuracy. We pledge to partner in increasing our clients business efficiencies at a reasonable rate.
We are grateful. You the client and your needs are our priority. Remittance Processing Services is committed to demonstrating an attitude of gratitude for each and every client regardless of size. It is our privilege to serve our clients. We are grateful to be given the opportunity to create a relationship built upon trust with each client. We encourage feedback and listen to and hear each and every client. Our clients feel RPS’s boutique approach and white-glove service. We are grateful to be of service.
We are committed to innovation. We work with state-of-the-art equipment and reporting processes. As our client, you are the beneficiary of our commitment to being an industry leader. Your opportunity for growth is enhanced as we strive to bring you the best solution to your needs.
Our team is full of pride. In order to bring you the highest level of service, we expect our team to function on the highest level. Each and every member of our team takes great pride in their work and satisfaction from being an integral part of your team. Each team member values their role. We are committed to having no weak links in the chain.

Remittance Processing Services has system-wide monitoring tools, extensive security features, and end-to-end encryption capability to ensure peak efficiency and operational compliance with Check 21, HIPAA, and PCI.

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